The Many Faces Of Roommates: Eats All Your Damn Food


This roommate is one that most of us have probably experienced at some point, some may have never even known it! This roommate is super stealth, and usually only exists happily in homes where there is a “shared grocery” system in place. However, shared groceries generally means that each roommate contributes an even amount of groceries into the household. But this roommate will often cheap out and buy small things like a clove of garlic and some lemons, then they will help themselves to your bulk meat and expensive produce.

If you’ve reached a happy medium with your roommate in terms of sharing the load, then this doesn’t apply to you at the moment, and we congratulate you. Or, if you live with this person but they contribute to the household in other ways, then that’s also worth celebrating.

Bottom line, if they don’t drink your beer, then you’re doing it right. If you feel brave enough to tag your sneaky roommate, feel free! Everyone loves a public display of their embarrassing habits. For example, my roommate gets butter on our wooden spoons (hi Derek!)

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