How to save money on a night out


Sometimes you wake up after a night out and you realize you spent $70 buying drinks for everyone at the bar and then another $30 buying pizza at 2 am. We’ve all been there. Going out with friends is always fun, but spending a lot of money isn’t. We don’t want you to sacrifice your social life in favor of your bank account so we’ve come up with some night out hacks.

Leave your cards at home

Don’t take your cards with you. Taking out cash beforehand is a great way to set a limit for yourself for the night. This way you know you can only spend a certain amount before the night is over. If you just can’t part with your cards for a night, only use them in emergency situations. *Special discounts on tequila shots do not count as an emergency.


Host a pre-drink at your house before a night out. This reduces the number of drinks you may buy when you’re out. Consuming your own liquor and snacks will definitely cut down your spending. If your friends are already coming over, then you may as well take advantage of it and get your party on early.

Get Guest List

Calling ahead of time to the club or bar you want to go to and making sure you’re on a guest list is the key to avoiding cover charges. Usually, if you’re on a guest list you need to get there by a certain time, but that’s fine if you took our advice and had a pre-drink beforehand.

Split cab fares

Don’t be stuck paying for every cab you take. Even if your friends tell you they’ll pay you back inside, they probably won’t. It’s best to split it when you’re actually paying. If you’re going to be taking an Uber, then you can use their easy fare split option that divides the cost between the riders. This way no one can claim that they “forgot” to take cash out in advance.

Know the deals

Lots of clubs and bars offer special deals on a certain drink every night. Take advantage of these deals, and you’ll find you’ll spend less money this way. Bars usually advertise these discounts on their Facebooks or websites, so do your research ahead of time. 

Avoid drunken fast-food

Beware the drunchies. It is almost guaranteed that you’ll be looking for the closest pizza place as soon as you leave the bars. You don’t want to wake up and regret the $30 you dropped on pizza for everyone. Making sure you’ve eaten before you go out, or have food prepared at home are ways you can battle the drunchies and outsmart your drunken self.

If spending too much money is a common theme in your life, there are great money apps like You Need a Budget or Acorns. It is absolutely possible to balance going out with financial responsibility. So go out have some fun!


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