The Best Ways to Share a Fridge With Roommates

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Living with roommates can be tons of fun and there’s nothing better than living with your friends, but one thing that can cause major apartment tension is the fridge. You might be fortunate enough to have multiple bathrooms, but you’ll rarely find a place with more than one fridge. We know that sharing a fridge between multiple people can be difficult, so here are some tips.

Make a Plan

When you’re sharing a fridge with roommates, it’s best to have a plan about what you will share and what you wish to keep for yourself. Whether or not you want to split food or share the condiments are conversations you should have in order to avoid and conflict.

Divide the fridge

Having a shelf or drawer of the fridge to call your own will help keep everything neat and tidy. If your fridge is smaller, then this may be a bit tricky but having a designated area that you keep your food will be very helpful.

Label items

Labeling your food may sound a little crazy and maybe too harsh, but in the long run, this can be very helpful. Being able to clearly identify what food is yours, especially in the freezer makes everyone’s lives much easier. You don’t have to label everything, but if you know that you and your roommates are prone to fighting over whose food is whose, then this trick may be for you.

Be Clean

If you notice that any of your food has spilled or leaked in the fridge, be thoughtful and clean it up. Split cleaning supplies and things like baking soda between everyone and make a schedule so that every once and a while you clean out the whole fridge.

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