When to Start Looking for A Student Apartment


As the second semester begins, many first-year students will start to search for the perfect off-campus apartment. This is an exciting time and many people will be ready to leave  residence behind them. The days of communal bathrooms and shared kitchens with your entire floor are thankfully over! Here are some tips for starting off your university apartment search.

Most university leases run from May-May, but you should always find out what is most common in your town or city. Some leases may run from September to September, it just depends on the individual landlord. Starting early gives you more options, and this is crucial if you live in a busy university town. If you’re expecting to sign the lease in May, you may want to start looking as early as January. One potential downside to looking too early is that prices can be higher. If a landlord still has a vacancy too close to the start of the school year, they may be willing to slightly reduce the price for the tenants. Ideally you want to start your search early, and view enough apartments so you have an idea of what the standard amenities are in your area. Viewing a lot of apartments is also helpful because it means you are less likely to jump on the first place you see, and you are able to get a sense of what you are really looking for.


Your school housing office is a great place to start looking for off-campus accommodations. They will often post potential apartments at the office as well as posting online for added convenience. This is a good place to start your search because most of the places that are posted will be close to campus. Kijiji and Craigslist are other good options that you can check out. Facebook pages are another way to find potential leases, but these will often be people subletting their places, rather than landlords advertising apartments and homes themselves.

Do Your Research

Keep in mind that if a student apartment seems too good to be true, you may want to research the property management company to ensure they are legitimate and see what people who have rented from them in the past have to say.  While many property managers are great, some property managers may believe they can take advantage of students because they are inexperienced renters.

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