Guy owns home… In a tree.


Sometimes, the cost of buying a house just makes you want to make like a tree, and leaf. (Yeah, I just said that. Pun intended. Sorry, not sorry.) Well, that’s just what Geoff de Ruiter did on a half-acre of land on Pender Island, B.C… In a tree!

“Generally, housing is not that affordable for a single person who’s still in university,” says Ruiter.

The house is 165-square-feet and is bolted into surrounding trees in four spots, each bolt is able to carry 4,000 pounds of weight. It’s equipped with a bedroom loft above the living room, a mini fridge, a small bathroom containing a compostable toilet, a water reservoir in the upper level that powers the small kitchen sink. “It’s a totally functional space,” according to the owner. De Ruiter is a PhD candidate focusing on bio energy (obviously) so he’s got an idea on how these things work.

De Ruiter bought the land for $35,000 (roughly the same price as a Honda Accord) as a part of a court-ordered sale, and spent a grand total of $8,000 on the house itself. Most of the building material was salvaged from the property or obtained from Habitat for Humanity.




Big up’s to this guy for finding a way around the system in an economically and environmentally friendly way.

More on the story here.

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