Why Students Need Renter’s Insurance


Do words like insurance coverage give you a headache? The concept of insurance can seem daunting when you’re a student, but it doesn’t need to be. As a student, you might be covered by your parent’s insurance policy; however, this might not cover everything and will most likely exclude your personal belongings. It’s  a common misconception that your landlord is responsible for anything that happens to the apartment such as floods, fires or accidental damage but this isn’t the case.

As a student, you become accustomed to thinking you don’t have any money and that nothing you have is worth insuring. While you may not be purchasing expensive china, you are probably renting your apartment, and that’s where renter’s insurance comes in. Here are just a few reasons you need renter’s insurance when you’re a student. 


Most students have some sort of tablet, iPad or computer that they use for school. When you’re dealing with flood damage, you don’t want to deal with the added stress of having to replace your $1000 laptop out of pocket. When you look into tenant insurance, you will calculate the total value of your belongings and pick a policy that corresponds to that value.  


Any student knows the pain of buying textbooks –  they aren’t cheap! Textbooks can range in price but it’s not unthinkable that the cost of 5 books a semester is upwards of $700. The only imaginable thing worse than carrying those books around all day is having them damaged or stolen. Tenant insurance can protect you from these things and can help you replace the cost of these items. 

You’re Broke

You probably don’t have a lot of spare cash lying around, and anything you do have is spent on the cheapest bar rail you can find. Did you know that if you damage your apartment in any way, or someone gets injured while at your place you could be responsible? You don’t have the money to pay for the damage to your unit or anyone else’s, but you do have the money for renter’s insurance.

With Hub, you can be covered by a comprehensive renter’s insurance plan for as little as $19/month. Now your only headaches can be reminders of last night. 

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