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There are few things better than finding the perfect outfit online, it’s easy, it’s fun, and you don’t even have to get up off your couch. How could it get any better? Well, brace yourself, we’re making it cheaper!

RentMoola has partnered with a large number of awesome clothing brands across North America to give our members discounts to their fantastic products.




Blue & Cream is a Hamptons based multi-label Mens & Womens retail clothing store. Since opening it’s first retail door in Spring 2004, B&C has built a devoted customer base and garnered massive media attention for it’s unique product mix, shopping experience, and celebrity clientele. B&C is the brainchild of entertainment marketer Jeffrey Goldstein who defined the B&C lifestyle by appealing to the Hamptonite’s Jet-set existence. Leveraging an extensive public relations, entertainment, and communications network, Jeffrey has captured a niche in the highly competitive retail market. Today, B&C is a lifestyle brand that transcends the 3 retail stores it is currently operating. In addition to the primary business of operating retail stores, the B&C Company has expanded into private label design of exclusive B&C T-Shirts, Dress Shirts, and Denim. Right now, RentMoola members can take 10% off their designer purchase with Blue & Cream!

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Summer is packed full of sunsets, sunrises, oceans, mountains, forests, basically everything that’s worth seeing properly! Clearly wants to make sure you get the full experience, and with a discount on quality eyewear. Clearly’s designer eyewear brands, and exclusive optical designs, are always in stock and assembled by hand. They aim to be leaders in the optical industry, ensuring that their customers are offered the latest in lens technology. And right now, RentMoola members can enjoy 20% off eyeglasses and sunglasses plus free shipping and 10% off contacts plus free shipping!

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At Moosejaw they want to make shopping as much fun as backpacking the Chilkoot trail, climbing in Yosemite, or playing red rover with the neighbours who you won’t like that much but they’re always ready to play any game in the cul-de-sac so you make do. If you’re offended by their ridiculous commentary than just pay attention to all the products because they carry the finest selection of the best gear and outerwear in the world. And right now, RentMoola members receive an extra 5% discount on clearance products at Moosejaw!

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 Summer is wedding season, that’s a reality that all women have to face. The other reality is that it’s just not okay to only have ONE dress to wear to all the weddings you’ll be invited to. Time to spice your wardrobe up and (almost) look as good as the bride! 11 Main sells more than just dresses, but they’re so beautiful! 11 Main sells everything that you would find in the most eclectic of shops on Main Streets all over the world! Basically, things you would only find in those barely-heard-of-hole-in-the-wall-boutique-shop-that-you-can’t-get-enough-of! And how timely, right now RentMoola members receive a 25% discount on their online purchase with 11 Main!

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Don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten about you! After all, you’re able to shop at all the stores mentioned above. This MoolaPerk will appeal to all the earth-lover’s out there. If you haven’t heard of Sitka, it’s about time you did. Sitka is a Victoria, B.C-based outdoor clothing and gear company that seeks to create a world in balance. The company says it’s a business of “wilderness activism” and you can see so on their website and beautiful Instagram account. Sitka has a mission to engage their communities through inspiration, conservation and the provision of purposeful goods for exploring the natural world. They ship internationally, and right now RentMoola members get a 15% discount on their online purchase! So get out there, look good, and feel good about it!

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