How to Handle Tenant Repair Requests


Handling tenant repair requests can be a little tricky! Which is why it’s important to develop a plan for maintenance issues. Be clear with your tenants on how to submit requests for repairs, whether by text, email or phone call. Some requests are more urgent then others, below is an outline of the severity of common maintenance issues and the standard time for repair.


After you’ve determined the severity of the maintenance issue, it’s best to decide whether or not you’re skilled enough to attempt a DIY repair or if you should call in a pro. Either way, discuss with your tenant when you or the hired professional should come by to make the repairs. Once completed, make sure you have the tenant sign off on the repair, stating that it’s done to their satisfaction. If the repair is done by a pro, ask them for a detailed description of the work that’s been done, materials and time taken to completed the job, and have your tenant sign off on that!

It’s always really important to make sure your tenants have insurance, just in case something more serious happens. We make that easy with our insurance program. Visit to learn more. And don’t forget to pass this post on to your tenants if they don’t have insurance yet!

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