Why You Should Require Tenants To Have Renter’s Insurance


Renter’s insurance is something that every renter should have, but not all do. This may be because they simply don’t know or they don’t believe it is worth it. As a landlord, you should include a clause in your lease that makes renter’s insurance mandatory. Requiring insurance in your lease will benefit both you and your tenants. Here are some top reasons insurance should be mandatory for your residents.

Reduces Chances of Lawsuits 

Tenants may be quick to blame you if anything happens to their belongings or apartment. The only way to actually protect their personal belongings is if they have their own renter’s insurance policy. If tenants already have their own policy, then the responsibility is on their insurance company and not you in the event of an emergency. This will also reduce any arguments over liability between you and your tenants.


It is a misconception that renter’s insurance is expensive. For only $19 a month, your tenants can have comprehensive insurance coverage with HUB Insurance.Your tenants can learn more about that here. For under $20 a month your tenants will be covered in case of a fire, flood, or other disasters and you will be more comfortable knowing not all the liability is on you.

Higher Quality Tenants

Knowing that your tenants have insurance lets you know that these tenants are responsible and covered in the case of an emergency. If prospective tenants try to fight the mandatory renter’s insurance clause, then you can weed them out. You want proactive tenants who are willing to abide by the lease. If they already refuse to get insurance you can probably assume they’d cause problems in the future.

For more information about why tenant insurance is important, then click here.


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