RentMoola is proudly made in Canada, and that means we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of the best holidays of the year, partially thanks to the great food! So get together with your friends and family and share a meal because here are some Thanksgiving recipes you’ll surely be thankful for this year. 

Chef John’s Pumpkin Pie

What Thanksgiving meal is complete without the pumpkin pie. A classic staple, this recipe is much less likely to crack on top. In order to fully appreciate this pie, it is best served topped with some vanilla ice cream. Here is the full recipe.

Cranberry Sauce

Even thinking about cranberry sauce makes my mouth water. This easy sauce recipe is delicious but also easy to make. The total cook time is only 37 minutes! Click here for this recipe.

Stuffing recipe

The stuffing is one of the defining factors of the Thanksgiving meal! You really can’t go wrong with a classic stuffing recipe, and this one is delicious. All your guests will definitely want seconds. You can find this recipe here.

Roast Turkey 

This perfect roast turkey won’t take you all day to make and has a total cook time of only 4 hours. This recipe serves 8 so you’ll have enough for all your guests! It only requires 5 simple ingredients and then you’re set to go! Head here for this recipe.

Mashed Potatoes

You’re going to need a few veggie dishes to accompany your turkey. Mashed potatoes are a fan favourite at Thanksgiving dinners and for good reason. This recipe spices up your typical potato dish by adding parsley and dijon mustard. Click here to get the recipe.


So go ahead and eat, drink and be thankful as you spend some quality time with the important people in your life.

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