The Many Faces of Roommates: The Clean Freak


Carrying on with our series of The Many Faces of Roommates, since last week we featured The Slob, this week we give you the CLEAN FREAK.

The Clean Freak is the roommate that you love to hate. They keep your home in order, they make sure that every counter is properly dusted, cleared, and sanitized (always). However, the Clean Freak also borders on neurotic. They insist that they just want things “cleaned a certain way” (their way), and are deeply apologetic when they immediately clean the room that you just spent half an hour cleaning.

In their natural habitat, the Clean Freak is often seen wearing one of their many “cleaning outfits” which is usually some form of sweat pants, a grubby t-shirt and an apron of sorts. If it’s a female, their hair will be tightly tied in a bun, and will often smell like bleach (which they don’t mind, because it’s a sign that their home has been cleaned recently).

Yes, living in a clean home is a nice feeling, but when you are too uncomfortable to bring your friends over for fear of them leaving a glass on the coffee table without a coaster (heaven forbid), that’s when you may have a Clean Freak problem.

If you or someone you live with is guilty of this title, go ahead and tag them (if you’re brave enough), because everybody loves a public display of their quirks and/or annoying habits, especially on the world wide web.

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This has been another friendly reality check, from your friends at RentMoola

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