The Importance of Fire Safety in Apartment Complexes


Apartment buildings house many people under one massive roof. People come and go, bring friends and family over or have many kids running around. If a fire broke out, there would be many lives at risk in that building.

That is why having a fire safety plan in buildings like apartment complexes are so important. Without one, a small fire could quickly get out of control resulting in severe damage and potential deaths.

Whether you are the property manager or renting a unit, staying up-to-date with the buildings fire safety plan is essential for your safety. Below are a few reasons why you should ensure the apartment complex has a fire safety plan.

Fire Safety Saves Lives

It cannot be argued – fire safety saves lives. When a fire breaks out, panic sets in and it’s hard for people to remain calm and think rationally. The result can be utter chaos.

At that moment, every second matters. If there is no system put in place (alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, fire exits), those seconds could mean the difference between life and death, minimal building damage to the complex burnt to the ground.

Having a fire safety plan put in place will not only provide peace of mind to the tenants in the building, but it will also guarantee their safety. Not only that, it is the law. A small kitchen fire could quickly engulf the whole building if the units do not have the proper equipment. So, protect everyone against potential fires by installing what is needed to prevent that from happening.

Alarms to Alert Tenants

Regulations require installing smoke detectors in each room where someone sleeps. Not only that, hallways connected to bedrooms require smoke detectors and each floor. In Canada, landlords are legally required to maintain smoke alarms and making sure they are working correctly in each unit.

The sound of the smoke alarm typically is what triggers people that there is a fire (unless you see or smell it first). If there is no alarm or it is not working, by the time someone notices there is a fire, it could already be too late.

Sprinkler Systems Could Be the Answer

With apartment complexes, the quicker you can put out fires, the better chance you have of stopping it from spreading to other units. Since units are side by side, a small fire could quickly spread across the whole floor.

Installing fire sprinkler systems in the building may be the answer to prevent the fire from spreading. When triggered, the system would spray down water which would help put out the fire.

Emergency Exits and Lighting

Emergency exits are essential for directing people out of a building. That includes the signs as well. When an emergency breaks out, the more obvious an exit is, the quicker people will be able to exit the building.

A building should also include emergency lighting. It is challenging trying to maneuver your way through a building without any lights. You could end up taking the wrong exit or touching a door that is hot from the fire on the other side. Emergency lights would come on when the power goes out. It will light up the hallways of an apartment complex to help guide the tenants to the nearest emergency exit. Not only have that, but emergency lighting will also help keep the building lit in case emergency crews need to gain access.

Since apartment complexes hold multiple people, the more thorough the fire safety plan is, the better chance of preventing a tragedy from occurring. The property manager is responsible for ensuring all the fire codes are up-to-date and that each unit has what they need if a fire broke out. Do not wait until a fire breaks out to see if you have what is required. By that point, it may already be too late.

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