The Many Faces of Roommates: The Party Animal


Carrying on in our series of Many Faces of Roommates, we give you The Party Animal. This person takes partying to a whole other level, it’s not just Friday’s and Saturday’s… It’s every day’s.

The party animal will invent reasons to throw or go to a party, they refresh club zone websites in their area like it’s going out of style. If this isn’t addressed early in a “roommationship”, you may be doomed to host a party every weekend as long as you both shall live (together).

It’s been presumed that this person may have a spare liver, which explains their ability to consume alcohol the way that they do.

However it’s not all fun for The Party Animal, morning’s are not their thing. In fact, morning’s hardly exist for these people. If The Party Animal wakes any time before 11:30am they are a husk of a human being, and will not be remembered for their kind words. However, these people are a TON of fun in the evening, so it’s best to just avoid them any time before 7:00pm.

If your roommate fits this description, feel free to tag them, because everyone loves a public announcement of their personal life!

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