The Wonderful Things Natural Light Brings


Let’s face it: we’re pretty dependent on artificial lights nowadays. Whether we’re at home or the office, CFC and LED bulbs light our way.  While it’s perfectly normal to have them burning bright during the day, we still can’t help but think it strange considering there’s a light source outside that’s infinitely much brighter: the sun.

What if we let more of it inside out homes? Natural light, after all, brings so much more than illumination. Let’s take a look at the wonderful things natural light brings.

Sunlight benefits our health

Our health can benefit a lot from sunlight. We all learned from school how it triggers the production of Vitamins B and D which keeps our bones and teeth strong and healthy, but sunlight is capable of so much more. It’s a natural antiseptic that can reduce bacteria in our homes. Natural light also boosts our circulation, immune system, and red and white cell production.

Natural light is greener

If you let sunlight in, you will reduce your dependence on electric-powered lights. Less electricity use means reduced environmental impact. You will also enjoy lower utility bills in the process.

Natural light boosts productivity

Your productivity will naturally increase when you’re exposed to more natural light. Sunlight keeps our energy levels stable. We also get to focus better when there’s more natural light around.

Sunlight makes us happy

It is no accident that we call shiny, happy people as having a “sunny” disposition. Sunlight actually has a bearing on our moods. Natural light boosts our body’s production of endorphins and serotonin, which are the chemicals that make us feel happy. Conversely, a person could suffer from depression with little to no exposure to sunlight.

With all these benefits of sunlight, it only makes sense for us to let more of it inside our homes. To get more ideas on how to do let more natural light into your home, check out the infographic below provided by IMI Design Studio.

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