It’s Time to Come Out of Hibernation


It’s that time of year again, time to crawl out of your warm and comfortable cave of hibernation (AKA your bedroom with your laptop and a bag of Doritos) and RentMoola wants to help!

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, so we’ve come up with a way to minimize the stress and effort that can accompany spring cleaning. Here are some useful tips for spring cleaning:

Make a Plan: Whether your place is tiny or massive, spring cleaning can be a challenge. Start by listing out every room of your home, without forgetting places like the utility room, laundry room, etc. Think about tasks like cleaning the baseboards, the walls, windows and moving and cleaning behind and under furniture. Basically, things that don’t get cleaned on a regular basis. Walking through your house or apartment while making this list will help.

Take Your Time: Do you want to do it fast, or do it right? After you’ve got your list of tasks, try the old divide and conquer technique. Go back to your list and break down each task into manageable chunks. There’s no rule about how long spring cleaning should take. Go easy on yourself.

Get Ready: Make sure you have all the supplies you need. Spring cleaning isn’t the most thrilling event in the world, but it will be even more annoying if you have to stop and run to the store because you’re out of something. Add each cleaning product and cleaning tool that you’ll need to each room when you make your list in the beginning.

De-clutter First: Before you clean, you have to de-clutter and organize. There are lots of ways to go about it, but the easiest is to set up three different bins: KEEP, TOSS, and DONATE.

Bring Back-up: If any other people live in your home, that’s a good place to start. Their stuff and their mess is contributing to the need to spring clean. So get them to pitch in.

Top Down: Start on higher parts of each room, Dust and clean the ceiling, molding and light fixtures. Then wipe down the walls, clean the windows and window treatments, vacuum last.

High Traffic Zones: The kitchen has to be the room with the highest traffic in the house, or the room that has the TV. Keep this in mind as it will likely be the room that gets messy first, and gets the most attention if it’s messy.

Be an Early Bird: Start early. Those doldrums of winter, when it’s cold and dreary and too blah to go outside, are actually the perfect time to spring clean. If you have a yard, you don’t have any of that work to do. If you live somewhere where you have a REAL winter, keep yourself busy and warm by cleaning inside, then you can get outside guilt-free in the spring.

Expired? Retire!: If it’s expired. THROW IT OUT.

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