Tinder Date On MoolaPerks: Toronto Edition


These days, the dating game is moving at almost light speed. With dating apps coming out of our ears, we’re meeting people at an alarming rate. It’s especially alarming for our bank accounts. But RentMoola has your back, because we’ve put together a list of MoolaPerks that you can use to impress your date and save some serious money on your perhaps not-so-serious Tinder date.

31. Don’t be a slob. Well, you can be a slob, but don’t let your date know about it. Yes, this is totally presumptuous that your date would come home with you, but let’s just stay optimistic. Before your date, make an appointment with Handy for 1 hour of FREE cleaning using your MoolaPerks! Log in or sign up free to get your hands on this sweet MoolaPerk!

12. Look fresh. The Neighbourhood Project is a clothing company based out of Toronto that creates clothing that represents Toronto neighbourhoods, talk about a conversation piece! Pick up some swag by using your MoolaPerks promo code and get 20% off your entire purchase!

43. Get wheels. Maybe you don’t have a car, or maybe you have a car but don’t want to pay for parking downtown? Either way, MoolaPerks have you covered. Use a Zipcar and enjoy a $25 credit on us, so if the date is rubbish, at least you didn’t waste any gas on it! Log in or sign up free to get your hands on this sweet MoolaPerk!

24. Pick up the Tab. Tab is a payments app for dining, providing a better & more personalized dining experience at your favourite restaurants. Tab operates in all the best restaurants throughout Toronto, so impress your date with how tech savvy you are, and then get a cool 20% off your meal. Log in or sign up free to get your hands on this sweet MoolaPerk!

wine5. Pretend to be cultured. Wine Collective is a wonderful service that delivers wine from around the world, right to your front door! Their professional staff sample different wines and send you the cream of the crop. No need to mention to your date that you aren’t a wine aficionado who did all the grunt work to find that perfect bottle of wine. Use your MoolaPerks and get $20 off your wine subscription! Log in or sign up free to get your hands on this sweet MoolaPerk! 


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