Top 10 Cozy Winter Recipes


So first, a disclaimer.

Here at RentMoola, we love food, so we feel pretty empowered to give advice on what the most delicious winter recipes would be. That being said, this is solely based on our opinions, there were no foodies, scholars, or scientists involved in the process of determining these Top 10 Cozy Winter Recipes.

Here goes!

chocolate dipped bacon     1. CHOCOLATE. DIPPED. BACON. Recipe here

roasted acorn squash with smoked paprika     2. Roasted Acorn Squash with Roasted Paprika. Recipe here

leek apple cheddar soupo     3. Leek Apple Cheddar Soup. Recipe here.

lemon ginger apple butter     4. Lemon Ginger Apple Butter. Recipe here.

chili roasted butternut squash     5. Chili Roasted Butternut Squash. Recipe here.

banana bread pudding     6. Banana Bread Pudding. Recipe here.

beef pot pies     7. Beef Pot Pies. Recipe here.

coconut chicken soup     8. Coconut Chicken Soup. Recipe here.


slow cooker baked potato soup     9. Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup. Recipe here.

pecan pie cookies     10. Pecan Pie Cookies. Recipe here.


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