Top 10 Thanksgiving Facts


Ah Thanksgiving, one of the greatest times of year! There’s nothing better than spending the holiday with your friends and family and getting in on the weekend’s best deals. In an attempt to avoid any awkward dinner discussions with distant relatives, here are some great Thanksgiving facts to use.

  • The turkey reigns supreme. 88% of people eat Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • There are 37 places in the U.S named Plymouth.
  • Think your turkey is big? The largest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds.
  • 48.7 people will travel this Thanksgiving weekend.
  • In 2016 people spent $5.27 billion online over the Holiday weekend.
  • Long live the leftovers! 79% of people think that the leftovers are better than the actual meal.
  • No dinner is complete without cranberry sauce! 7 600 000 barrels of cranberries are produced every
  • There are 46 million turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving each year.
  • Watch the parade every year? Over 50 million people are expected to watch the Macy’s parade.
  • It’s estimated that $6.6 billion will be spent online on Cyber Monday.

So eat, drink, and be merry! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and eat as much turkey as you possibly can.


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