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Was being productive one of your New Year’s Resolutions that you really want to stick to this year? Unfortunately getting organized is easier said than done with the number of emails and to-do lists we deal with on a daily basis. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but fortunately there are a number of great apps to help you organize your life and stay on top of everything. Here are 5 of the best productivity apps to help you get everything done on your to-do list.


Have you ever had a big project to do but keep putting it off and keep checking your phone?  Forest aims to get you to put down your phone by setting a timer. A tree is planted when the timer is on, but the catch is that if you leave the app the tree will die. The longer you remain focused, the more trees will grow and over time you can admire the forest and all the time you spent focusing on your work. You can download the app here.


Sometimes the best way to get more done in the day is by trying to be more present. Meditation is a great way to achieve this, and Mindfulness is the perfect app. New to meditation? You can start out easy at only 5 minutes a day. Pick a time of day you want to meditate and take the time out of your day and focus on relaxing rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed by your daily tasks. Click here to get the app for yourself.


If you do something enough it will become a habit and that’s the goal of Strides! Strides helps you stay motivated with charts to help you create and reach measurable and timely goals. You can choose from one of their many templates or you can even create your own for maximum effectiveness. You can download Strides to your phone or use on the web here.


Got a lot of things on your plate? Todoist lets you keep track of all your daily tasks. Todoist lets you easily manage and view your to-do list and upcoming important projects for anywhere. Whether it’s your phone or your computer you will always have Todoist with you. Find this app here.


Slack is one of the best communication platforms because of how easy it is to use. Easily switch between channels and conversations with colleagues. It’s incredibly easy to search so you’ll never lose any of your files again. Slack also has easy integration with Google Drive, Asana, Zendesk, Dropbox and more. Sign up here.


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