Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions


2017 has come and gone and this is the time of year that many people set New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions are a great way to make some changes to your daily routine. Here’s a look at 6 of the best New Year’s Resolutions and ways you can keep them this year.

Turn off Your Phone 

Our smartphones have become an extra limb that we have with us at all times. While you don’t have to go off the grid, it’s easy to make a conscious effort to reduce your phone usage. This can mean turning off your phone at night or turning it off when you are spending time with your loved ones.

Save More Money 

After the holidays many people vow to save more money but unfortunately, this is easier said than done. One way to save some money is to plan some nights in with your friends rather than going out. You can also check out our guides for saving money on a night out and saving money on groceries.

Learn a new Hobby

This is a very common resolution but it’s one that is easy to push off. A good goal is measurable so instead of worrying about how good you are at your chosen hobby, you should be happy with the amount of time you spend doing it. Learning a new skill can be a stress reliever and you may discover you have a new passion in life.

Get More Sleep

We all want to sleep more but rarely take the steps to actually make it happen. This year you can try to make your resolution stick by not using any technology right before you go to sleep and avoiding caffeine and food. Sleeping in complete darkness can also be beneficial to the quality of your sleep. This can mean ensuring all the lights from electronics are off and that you have a set of good blinds or drapes.

Stay Hydrated

Water is so important but we rarely drink enough of it. One way to drink more water is to bring a water bottle to work with you. Simply having the water bottle with you will make you more likely to drink more water. You can also label it with time marks to motivate and remind yourself throughout the day.

Never Write A Rent Check Again 

Our New Year’s resolution is to make rent checks extinct. Paying your rent online saves you time and money, and who doesn’t want that?! Head to RentMoola to find out how you can make paying rent rewarding.

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