Top 6 Ways to Get Home Safe


Top 6 Ways to Get Home Safe

Everyone knows that the holidays basically require you to enjoy a cocktail or two (or five). And because RentMoola values our followers even more than we value our cocktails (if you can believe it!) we want to share with you the Top 6 Safe Ways Home this holiday season.

A Safe Alternative Driving Service

A Safe Alternative Driving Service offers qualified designated drivers that take you and your vehicle home when you’ve been consuming alcohol. Our designated drivers cover Vancouver, the lower mainland and as far as Maple Ridge, Langley, Aldergrove through to Abbottsford. Each designated driver is licensed and bonded and familiar with both standard and automatic vehicles. Website

Greater Vancouver Designated Drivers

Greater Vancouver Designated Drivers is the largest, most professional designated driving service available in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. Designated Drivers drive you in your vehicle wherever you want to go. ​

Whether you are protecting a career, your family, yourself or all of the above, we can transport you and your friends, family or clients safely to any destination, even across the border. With current regulations prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC%) of 0.05% or higher, one or two beverages will put you over the limit.

Never worry about another roadblock again. Relax knowing you have made the right choice and let us transport you and your guests wherever you need to go! Website

DADD Dial A Designated Driver

DADD Dial A Designated Driver is the fastest growing and most respected Designated Driving Company in the Lower Mainland and in The Okanagan Valley! If you have gone out or had company over and are serving alcohol, and are unable to drive home, and could blow over a BAC of .05, call us and we will get you and your car home safe.

We will dispatch one car with two drivers to pick you up. One of our professional drivers, will drive you home in the comfort of your own vehicle, while the other car follows behind. We are about $10.00 more than a taxi on short runs and cheaper than a taxi on longer runs. We are a professional Designated Driving Service that offers “a Unique Service” in which you and your vehicle will arrive home safely and risk free after an event or outing. Website

Sober Ride Designated Driver Service

Sober Ride Designated Driver Service offers designated drivers to drive you and your vehicle home. Our service is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and can drive you anywhere from Whistler to Maple Ridge. The cost is comparable to a taxi for short runs and actually cheaper than a taxi for longer runs. Website

Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose’s 56 000 volunteers accross the country are lining up as the 31st campaign is getting underway.

This year’s campaign theme, « This Season, Hand the Reins Over to Us », encourages motorists who had one too many, who are tired or who are simply not able to drive their vehicle to call Operation Red Nose.

The service is by donations and 100% of these are turned over to local youth and amateur sports organizations. Each year, Operation Red Nose clients contribute $ 1.5 million to youth initiatives, from coast to coast. Website

BCAA’s Safe-Ride-Home Service

Life is full of uncertainties and your day might not turn out exactly as planned. For instance, you might drop and break your glasses or sprain an ankle at the gym. You might take some medication that makes you drowsy. Or, you might decide to meet some friends after work for a few drinks without planning for a safe ride home.

BCAA Members concerned about their ability to drive now have another option to get themselves and their vehicles home safely. BCAA’s Safe-Ride-Home service will help Members who are unable to drive home safely for reasons such as medical treatment, physical injury or consumption of alcohol. Website

And how about some love for our followers in New York, Toronto and London! If you’re out celebrating the holidays and need a safe ride home, check out our MoolaPerk partner UBER! Uber is a ridesharing service (ridesharing basically means a non hailable cab.) Uber is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their apps, making cities far more accessible.

uber logo


RentMoola users get a discount for UBER through our MoolaPerks program. Go to our website or check out our blog for more information.


If none of those options are available to you, here are some more commonly used modes of transportation for those hazy holiday nights.


Tow Trucks

Public Transit

The Holidays are, indeed, a time for celebration, but let’s not forget about our better judgement. Be safe, and keep your loved ones safe and plan a ride home. This has been another tip from your friends at RentMoola! Happy Holidays!

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