Top RentMoola Blog Posts Of 2017


It’s almost New Years and we rounded up the Top Blog Posts of 2017!

For Tenants

Top Renter Questions Answered

When you’re renting your first apartment, you might have a lot of questions about what’s about to happen after you move in: How do you enter a lease? What rules do you have to follow?

3 Tips For Sustainable Living

For many, the thought of eco-friendly living might conjure up images of something like granola in mason jars and hemp hand towels. Whatever your impression of sustainable living, the important thing to note is that although it may require changing your normal routine, it’s really quite simple.

Best Smart Home Products For Your Home

Smart home automation is becoming increasingly popular, and many new products are on the market. These devices can be remotely controlled and synced with other products in your home.

Top 10 One Bedroom Rent Prices In Canada And The USA

Rent prices vary from city to city, but the one thing that stays the same is that rent is expensive. Canada and the US’s housing prices continue to climb and more and more people are choosing to rent.

How To Save Money On A Night Out

Sometimes you wake up after a night out and you realize you spent $70 buying drinks for everyone at the bar and then another $30 buying pizza at 2 am. We’ve all been there.

For Property Managers

Collecting Rent Online Is Beneficial For You And Your Tenants

Collecting rent from your tenants is an extremely important and time sensitive aspect of your job as a landlord. Processing rent payments each month can be extremely costly and time-consuming, but having your tenants pay their rent online is in your best interest- and theirs.

5 Ways To Make Your Tenants Love You

Have you ever wondered what you can do for your tenants to get them to love you? Landlord-tenant relationships are stereotyped as being rocky, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Developing Positive Relationships With Your Tenants: Student Edition

Renting your first student apartment can seem like an extremely daunting task. This is most likely your first time living somewhere that isn’t your university residence or home and we know how scary that can be.

4 Ways To Prove A Tenant’s Income

When screening prospective tenants it is important to verify their income. You need to ensure that your tenants have enough money to rent your place once expenses and debt are subtracted from their income.

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