Trying To Rent Out Your Unit This Fall?


Staging homes can be difficult. There are many variables, sometimes there are tenants still living in them, and sometimes their furniture is atrocious. So what are you options when trying to rent your unit out on something like Craigslist, when you can’t manage to take reasonably good quality photos of your unit?

Here are 5 tips!

1. Firstly, take everything off of all the tables in the room, and then put everything back very sparingly. Often times, people will say “well, I’ve always had that box on that table” or “I’ve always had that plant or that picture frame.” Maybe you need a new set of eyes to look over the unit before you document it.

2. Avoid clutter.

3. Don’t show plants that are unhealthy. That rules out renting out your unit to any green thumbs that would like to be able to nurture their plants in the home. Throw them out of hide them.

4. Be aware of scented candles. If you’re going to host a walk-through and the previous/former tenants have filled the unit with a mix of pine fresh in one room and sugary strawberry syrup in another, it’s not going to create any kind of inviting atmosphere.

5. Think about first impressions. What are people going to see immediately, pay closer attention to those spots. Are they going to see the living room or the hallway? Make that part attractive. It’s like a plate of food, you eat it with your eyes before you eat it with your mouth.

Nobody wants to move into a hole in the wall, try to spruce your unit up if you can. If there are tenants living in it already, make sure they put all of their personal things in their respective places, and bring a few extra decorations of your own. Gourds go a long way this time of year, they are festive, decorative, and add colour to rooms that might otherwise be bland. If you’re able to put life into rooms, it’s easier for people to imagine living in them.

For some more design inspiration, check our one of our many interior-design-related MoolaPerks, and if you’re willing to furnish your unit, you can save a ton of money at places like Apt2B, HouseIt, Havenly, and more at!

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