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Fall is the best time of year! Everything gets a little crisper, there’s pumpkin spice in EVERYTHING, the leaves turn beautiful colours, but why bother with all those things when you can be a shut-in and watch all the new fall TV shows that are coming out?! That’s what fall is really about. We’ve done some research and have given YES or NOPE votes to TV shows on whether or not they’re binge-worthy.

The Muppets  |  WE VOTE: YES
It’s time to start the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to meet The Muppets in a more adult-leaning mockumentary context. The first ongoing Muppet series since Muppets Tonight ended in 1998 picks up as Jim Henson’s characters work backstage in Los Angeles on a late-night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy. Kermit is executive producer, Fozzie is Piggy’s on-air sidekick, The Electric Mayhem is the house band, and the rest of the characters fill out the crew so well it’s a wonder nobody thought to do this before. Sure, there’s a lot to be nervous about—co-creator Bill Prady also co-created The Big Bang Theory, and the insipid insistence on treating the Muppet characters like they’re actual separate living things in press conferences—but given all the promos, it seems like the perfect setting to do the kind of celebrity cameo revolving door gambit that worked so well throughout the classic films. We’re optimistic, which is saying something when looking at the rest of the major network freshmen.

Scream Queens  |  WE VOTE: YES
If you loved American Horror Story: Coven and you’ve been wishing Madison Montgomery could come back to life in her own spinoff series, then Scream Queens is the show for you! Ryan Murphy’s latest endeavor has some of his signature stars like Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, but more importantly it’s got the Scream Queen herself, Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis, as a college dean with a grudge. This slasher serial doubles as a who-dunnit, so tune in every week, lest you get spoiled.

Supergirl  |  WE VOTE: NOPE
OK, so we’re not totally sold on this being a major hit, TBH. But it’s a female superhero with her own show and Melissa Benoist (aka Supergirl) has the ability to be very charming. Either way, we say watch it at the beginning just to make sure you don’t catch FOMO, but if it doesn’t grab you, move it to the Skip pile.

Ash vs. Evil Dead  |  WE VOTE: YES
Every single ounce of ham-fisted charm you’ve ever wanted from Bruce Campbell will be brought forth and soaked in demon blood for Ash vs. Evil Dead, which is presented by Sam Raimi and comes with an ass-kicking helping of Lucy Lawless! Dive into the series during its Halloween night premiere, and then keep on charging. You’ve waited 30 years for more Deadites and more Ash and more Boomstick. Don’t just let the episodes pile up now.

A Very Murray Christmas  |  WE VOTE: YES
Netflix, you had us as at “Bill Murray in reindeer antlers,” but then you added in directing from Murray’s Lost in Translation collaborator Sophia Coppola, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Jenny Lewis, and a slew of others and now it’s pretty much impossible not to watch. This is being billed as a variety show where Murray plays a version of himself worried that a snowstorm will screw up his TV show. In other words, it’s the best early holiday present any of us could ask for.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  |  WE VOTE: YES
This CW show stars viral video sensation Rachel Bloom as a New York lawyer who decides to follow her high school flame out West to California. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is also a musical comedy that Bloom calls “Rodgers and Hammerstein with a South Parksensibility.” (There’s a apparently a joke about “ass blood.”) In other words, the CW is adding a new flavor to its buffet of superheroes and six-pack abs.

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