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Let us know what type of roommate you are by leaving a comment below!

Do so by October 31st  and you’ll have a chance to win a $50 or £50 American Express gift card. Winner announced November 7th. North America & UK only.



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Philipp Postrehovsky

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Philipp is the Co-founder and COO of RentMoola. He's a disruptive marketer, creative think tank, social media leader and a passionate philanthropist. He's also a breaking news junkie and will do almost anything for some burrata cheese!


  1. I’m probably closer to the passive aggressive roommate, but I will also confront a problem as well. I more of a “whatever” roommate I think lol.

  2. I am the note writer for sure I love leaving notes for people it helps me and my roommate to communicate better

  3. Me and my roommate are both the Passive Aggressive Note Writer. We have a board put on the Refrigerator. Always how we are communicate while we have different shift.

  4. I am the cat lady! I can’t help it. I feed the feral cats and I have been known to take then in and have them spayed or neutered also.

  5. I think I’m pretty easy to get along with! I think the biggest problem is that I like everything organized my way, and if something is out of place I will move it! I’m probably more of the passive aggressive note writer variety, but I think the fact that I try to avoid confrontation is kind of welcome? 😛

  6. I hate to admit this, but I’m definitely the passive aggressive note writer – avoiding confrontation at all cost!

  7. I think I would be a cross between the cat lady and the Passivise Aggressive Note Writer. Makes me sound like fun to live with doesn’t it. 🙂

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