It isn’t news to anyone that Seattle has a ton of things to do, but every once in a while we need a compiled list to choose from. Here are some of the best things to do in Seattle, day or night:


Corn dogs and strong drinks! Get to the Unicorn Bar.

Tucked away on Capitol Hill is a carnival-themed dive where you can drink to your heart’s content, eat deep-fried Snickers bars, and prance around in a unicorn helmet.


Be a true Seattleite and have coffee at Cafe Allegro.

With a coffee shop around every corner, an Americano is always at your fingers — but Cafe Allegro, Seattle’s first coffee shop, has one of the best. (Other worthy contenders? Cafe Lladro, Milstead, and Stumptown.)


Brunch like you’ve never brunched before at Portage Bay Cafe.

This Seattle brunch haven is known for its organic ingredients and delicious American fare. Line too long? Just skip to the front — you’ll (probably) only be met with a grimace and a healthy dose of passive aggressiveness.


Anchors away (for free!) The Center For Wooden Boats.

Every Sunday for the past 25 years, volunteer skippers and crew take Seattleites out on the water gratis — on spirit boats, schooners, and even the occasional yacht.


Mariah Karaoke, anyone? Rock Box.

Karaoke until closing time? Check.


Feeling classy? Needle & Thread.

There’s no official drink menu at this speakeasy that’s hidden above Tavern Law. Instead, you’ll tell the bartender your liquor of choice, and they’ll work their magic.


Mein tasty bar! Shultzy’s German bar.

Backpack to the heart of Seattle’s University District for this popular German bar, complete with rowdy college kids, and a menu of Germany’s best brews. Ready for a challenge? Get a boot of beer for you and your mates — whoever takes the last sip pays!


Hide away at the Knee High Stocking Club.

Behind the barely-marked door, you’ll find a well-stocked bar, inventive craft cocktails, and a vibe that’s a welcome throwback to the ’20s.


Hitch a ride on The SLUT*.

No trip to Seattle is complete without a few drinks and a fun ride. Take a spin on the South Lake Union Trolley for a scenic tram ride.

*What did you think we meant?…

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