Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Sammie and Yvette!


This dynamic mother and daughter duo scored free rent for a month!

Sammie will enjoy a complimentary month at her one-bedroom Kitsilano condo on us. RentMoola is very excited to cover this hard-working professional dancer’s rent! She is currently on tour in China with a rising young pop artist so having her payment covered when she’s not using her place makes this win that much sweeter!

Yvette, who broke the news to Sammie, was a long-time Vancouver resident and originally rented the unit with her daughter however has returned to the Sunshine Coast but often finds herself back in the city for work-related visits. She’s a CGA and holds the position of controller at a custom manufacturing company. Yvette said that Sammie’s first reaction to hearing of her prize was “no way!!!”

Yes way!!! In addition to touring the world with pop stars, Sammie divides her time between teaching, choreographing, coaching, modeling, acting and event staging – so she’s just a little busy. The money that she’ll save from her rent-free month will go towards her travel fund for a well-deserved trip to Australia later this year where she has the opportunity to teach at a number of studios. No surprise there, she works a lot but that’s a telltale sign that she loves what she does and we’re very excited to support Sammie in her plans to teach 17 hours into the future. Hopefully she sets ample time aside to catch some waves and take in the sun… it’s 30 degrees in Sydney right now, wouldn’t that be nice!

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