Whose Responsibility is Snow Removal?


It’s only the start of January and we’re currently experiencing one of the worst winters in decades. We’ve already received a lot of snow and it is only expected to get worse. In order to be fully prepared for the snowfall, property managers need to have a plan in place for snow removal. Here’s the rundown on snow removal and whose responsibility it is.

Many tenants may believe that landlords are responsible for snow removal, but it actually depends on your location and what is stated in your lease. If you are renting a single home, you can usually state in the lease that the snow removal is the responsibility of the tenant. If you have larger properties, then you are most likely liable for the communal areas like entrances and walkways. You should always check the laws of your city to be sure you are meeting all the guidelines.

Pros of Snow Removal

While removing snow can be strenuous and costly, you do not want any tenants to slip and fall and hold you liable for any damage. You will also want to ensure that your insurance policy is up to date and protects you from all liabilities you could incur. Your tenants will appreciate if you are proactive with snow removal and may make them more willing to renew their leases in the future. If you have a large property and end up hiring a service to remove snow in the winter, then you will need to account for the costs of the rent prices. Including snow removal as part of your property management is a benefit that may also attract new tenants.

As the first winter storm of 2018 hits, the most important thing about snow removal is being prepared for big storms and having a solid plan in place.

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