Why We Need to Declutter


All of us at one point in our lives or another have had clutter at home. In most cases, clutter exists because they own too much stuff. Some cluttered homes, however, are simply borne out of their owners’ unwillingness or laziness to declutter.

However, we all need to declutter for several reasons.

For one, your place will become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria, because clutter means you are not doing any cleaning up, and all those pathogens just love filthy places. You can actually say the same for cockroaches, mice, rats and other types of vermin.

All that clutter can also lead to accidents. When you have so many scattered all over your homes, it would just be a matter of time before someone accidentally steps on something and suffers a fall. It would even be so much worse if your stairs are full of clutter too.

You can also say goodbye to having guests come over because no homeowner in his or her right mind would invite friends for a visit when the house is full of clutter.

The worse part of living in a cluttered home, however, is the fact that it can seriously stress you out, and you won’t even realize it. Unless you’re a total slob who enjoys all that clutter, staring at all that clutter and having no time or energy to deal with them can trigger anxiety and even guilt, and both are a significant source of stress.

So if you ever decide to declutter your home, just check out the infographic below for steps that will help you do it right.

Allan Chau

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