No One Is Immune: Why You Can’t Escape Renter’s Insurance


Renter’s insurance is something every renter should have, but many people seem to think they are immune to disaster or theft.  If every point on this list applies to you, then you are probably right, you don’t need renter’s insurance. If you’re human, then you probably do. Take the test and you be the judge.

You don’t need renters insurance if:

You can afford to replace all your belongings

Think about all the items in your home.  Your sofa, bed, computer, clothes.  These are fairly inexpensive and shouldn’t be too much of a cost out of pocket.

Your home is wallpapered in bubble wrap  

No need to worry if your friend trips, falls, and breaks a limb and can’t work.  You definitely won’t mind paying for their treatment and wages while they are off. That jut means you’ll have a Netflix binging buddy!

Your neighbors are 100% reliable

You don’t need to worry they might throw a cigarette butt onto your balcony or their dishwasher will malfunction sending water into your unit and damage your belongings.  It’s not much of an inconvenience on your part to have to chase after them personally to replace your belongings. Chasing after your neighbors is a favorite past time of yours. 

Sewer backup happens to other people, not me

Having your personal belongings damaged by sewage isn’t very major.  You can just wipe it off.  Sewage isn’t that dirty, odorous, and disgusting right? Wrong. 

None of your belongings could start a fire  

Forgetting your hair straightener is on, leaving for the day and the heat from it inadvertently catches a towel or tissue on fire could never happen.  That small fire could never spread throughout your unit and your neighbor’s unit.  If it did spread, you’re ok being responsible for replacing anyone’s belongings, paying for hotel stays and meals or possibly paying lawyer’s fees from the impending lawsuit.  NBD. 

If you still think you don’t need renter’s insurance, you can sleep well tonight.  If you’re having second thoughts, you can be protected for as low as $19/month. Click here for more information. 

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