RentMoola is giving away 3 MONTHS OF FREE RENT to one lucky winner!

Yeah you read that correctly. RentMoola is giving away $2500 to one very lucky individual. Maybe 3 months of rent costs less than $2500 for you, but hey guess what? We’re giving you $2500 whether you like it or not!

We’ve pretty much planned your day out for you, if you were to take home 3 MONTHS OF FREE RENT from RentMoola:

You get the news from RentMoola and you’re like:

(If you are at work when you receive the news) you run out of the office like:

You realize that for the next 3 months you can do whatever you want with your rent money, and you’re like:

When people tell you to put it into savings and you’re like:

You walk away from the bank after withdrawing your money like:

You go shopping like:

You see everyone else paying their rent like:

You’re buying drinks like:

You go to social media to tell everyone about RentMoola like:

And RentMoola is like:

To enter the contest to win 3 months of free rent, click here. Good luck!

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Rich Elliott

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Rich is the Marketing Director at RentMoola, he enjoys rugby, food, and his pet Corgi Prince.

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